Power Boat Pre-Transport Checklist

Pre-Transport Checklist

Before transporting your boat make sure nothing important is forgotten! Here’s the checklist we recommend you use.

(You can download a PDF of this Pre-Transport Checklist, just click the link!)

This PDF contains even more important and helpful information about transporting your boat with Red Foot Haulers.

Power Boat Pre-Transport Checklist

  • Secure all hatches/lids
  • Secure doors
  • Remove all ropes and fenders
  • Remove life ring
  • Remove barbecues, coolers, etc.
  • Secure all items in the cockpit (carpets, electronic covers, etc.)
  • Secure/remove sun pads
  • Secure antennas down
  • Box up all loose items on board
  • Secure all interior cabinet doors
  • Secure all salon doors
  • Remove all canvas and put inside
  • If the boat is to be shipped with a tunnel cover on, please be sure that the fastenings are adequate to withstand highway speeds
  • Remove ALL tarps from boat (tarps will not withstand highway speeds)
  • Remove shrink wrap (shrink wrap is designed for storage only and may damage boat during transport)
  • Remove all items extending past the stated length and width of your boat
  • Secure anchor with an extra safety strap
  • In most cases boats 32’ and up require the radar to be removed (or hung underneath of the arch)
  • If the boat has outdrives, stow up at a minimum of 50%
  • If the boat is 32’ or bigger and has a fly bridge, in some cases the fly bridge may need to be removed
  • Batteries must be disconnected or have switches in off position
  • Boats are designed to withstand wet environments. However, in the event of rain, if there is anything you would like to keep dry please stow accordingly.

Download the checklist here.

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