2019 Godfrey 2086 Pontoon Boat shipping from Summerstown, ON to Emerald Park, SK

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“We shipped a 2019 Godfrey 2086 Pontoon Boat from Summerstown, ON to Emerald Park, SK. The customer was very hands-on, so we worked closely with him to meet his requests.”


2019 Godfrey 2086 Pontoon boat


Summerstown, ON


Emerald Park, SK

Full Shipping Amount:

$3,700.00 CAD

The Story:

Vincent asked if we could transfer his 2019 Godfrey 2086 Pontoon Boat from Summerstown, Ontario to Emerald Park, Saskatchewan.

We requested details for his boat, and he provided the dimensions of its beam, which is 8’6″ and its length, which is 20’10”.

He mentioned that he didn’t own a trailer, so we provided him with a flat deck trailer for transport.

Moreover, Vincent communicated professionally and was very hands-on.

He specifically requested the boat to be picked up and delivered during the daytime because he wanted to be present. Luckily, we were able to arrange the shipping schedule for him.

Our team of professionals worked hand-in-hand with Vincent to load and unload his boat. In addition, during the pick-up, they had a forklift prepared and told us a lift was waiting in Emerald Park.

We stayed in touch throughout and made sure his boat was safely delivered to its home in Saskatchewan.

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