2022 Parker 660 Weekend Motorboat shipping from Halifax, NS to Saanichton, BC

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Image courtesy of Parker Poland

“We shipped two brand-new Parker 660 Weekend Motorboats from the Port of Halifax, NS to British Columbia.”


2022 Parker 660 Weekend Motorboat

2022 Parker 660 Weekend Motorboat


Halifax, NS


Saanichton, BC

Full Shipping Amount:

$24,000 CAD

The Story:

Todd contact us needing to ship two brand new Parker boats from Bremerhaven, Germany to British Columbia, Canada.

When it arrived in Halifax, the boat came shrink wrapped on a boat cradle. It is much easier for us to transport boats when they come with a boat cradle. Ideally, they would also come with a boat trailer. Fortunately, we were able to supply an appropriate boat trailer in the timeframe needed for this transport.

However, we do not recommend shipping a boat with shrink-wrap. The plastic can cause paint damage because of the wind friction when traveling at highway speeds.

Also, the plastic itself can rip apart and come off during transport. In this case, the shrink-wrap did pose a problem and our driver needed to take some time to remove it.

Boat transport from Europe

Our dispatch manager was able to coordinate with the port of entry to receive and load the vehicle. Our drivers are very knowledgable about the requirements at the Port of Halifax and in this case we avoided many of the usual hassles.

Thankfully, Todd was very understanding and we were able to receive all the information we needed to make this transport run smoothly. (In this business, communication is key – Thank you, Todd!)

Our driver was at the Port of Halifax and able to load the boat, freshly arrived from Europe, without any issues.

It then took 6 days for us to tow the boat (on our boat trailer) all the way across beautiful Canada to its final destination in British Columbia. 

There weren’t any delays, but it’s worth mentioning: Sometimes a transport of this length can take longer depending on the season, traffic, and many other factors.

If you’re thinking about importing a boat from abroad, please let us know at least a few weeks in advance. This let’s us arrange the equipment that will be needed and arrange transport.

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Image courtesy of Parker Poland



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