How to Ship a Motorcycle

Do you want to know how to ship a motorcycle? It can fast, fun, and easy when you follow these tips. If you’re a motorcycle owner in needing to ship your ride to a new location, you want to keep your prized possession safe and damage-free every step of the way.

We’ve developed a guide to show you precisely how to ship your motorcycle securely, without any added stress.

In fact, most issues that do occur during transport—although a minimal risk—are actually avoidable when you follow our top tips. 

Read on to learn some important “Dos and Don’ts” to make your motorcycle shipping process run as smoothly as possible.

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Clean Your Motorcycle Beforehand

One helpful hint is to ensure your motorcycle is clean and in the best condition possible before sending it off to be shipped. Doing so allows you to inspect the most accurate current condition, taking stock of your motorcycle before it is transported to a new location. 

  • DO remove any mud/dirt on the exterior
  • DO take pictures of your actual bike to confirm condition, as well as the exact current location 

Share Your Photos with Us! 

Remember to share your photos with the team here at Red Foot Haulers so that we are fully aware of your motorcycle’s conditions and location. These photos also help us to anticipate any potential issues that may arise, and pinpoint a solution prior to the shipping process. 

Carefully Examine its Current Condition

We advise you to check out the current condition because you need to assess any preexisting damage that may be evident. This, of course, can be more difficult to do on a dirty bike, which is why thoroughly cleaning it beforehand helps immensely. 

  • During your inspection, take note of any scratches, dents, or dings on the body of the motorcycle. 

Take Clear Photos

Be sure to take clear photos of this cosmetic damage for documentation purposes. If there are any problems, keep the line of communication clear by letting Red Foot Haulers know about them up front. 

Doing so on the front-end can prevent shipping-day snafus—the worst case scenario would be if the truck operator arrives and is unable to load the motorcycle due to any preexisting issues. 

Ready to ship your motorcycle? Call Red Foot Haulers at 1-800-492-7713 for a quick quote and all of the answers to your transport questions. We look forward to speaking with you. Thank you!

DO prevent potential mechanical problems by running through the following checklist: 

  • Check tire pressure
  • Document the mileage
  •  Check the brakes 
  • Make sure the vehicle rolls, brakes, and steers easily
  • Check the battery—make sure your motorcycle starts! 
  • Secure any loose parts
  • Remove any personal items
  • Check for any leaks—if there are any leaks, address them prior to transport
  • Make sure that the motorcycle is in overall, good running condition. If something is broken or not functioning properly, it’s best to have it addressed and repaired beforehand in order to minimize potential problems later on. 

Remove All “Extra” Equipment & Accessories

Another important tip is to make sure you remove any “extras” on your bike prior to shipping it. Why? Simply put, these items can be more susceptible to damage during transport. Any accessories or excess equipment that hangs off of the sides, like saddlebags, for example, is more prone to being bumped or jostled during the loading, transport, or unloading processes. 

Additionally, address the following to avoid any bumps in the road:

  • DO remove a high windshield it if it adds significantly to the height of your motorcycle 
  • DO Disable any alarms that may activate during the loading or unloading process
  • DON’T ship your motorcycle with a full tank of gas—leaving just ¼ a tank will reduce the overall weight, making it easier to load. 
  • DO keep in mind that your motorcycle will need to be started to complete the loading and unloading process. Document any specific instructions about your motorcycle, including any “quirks” that we need to be aware of, and be sure to provide them to your Red Foot Haulers team.
  • If not, the truck operator may add extra charges on your bill if the issue takes too long to resolve, particularly if that issue could have been addressed beforehand.  

Make it Easily Accessible for the Truck Driver

On the day of the scheduled transport, you can help the process run more efficiently by making sure your motorcycle is located in an area that the truck driver can easily get to. 

  • DO have someone at the pickup location to give the driver access to your vehicle. 
  • DON’T leave it blocked in. Move surrounding vehicles and equipment from the area, if needed, to provide a space that is free and clear for loading. 
  • DO move the motorcycle to an area with roads that are accessible for a large truck hauling an auto carrier or enclosed trailer, when possible. 

Hopefully, this guide has helped to make you feel more prepared and “ahead of schedule” when planning to ship your motorcycle.

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Ready to ship your motorcycle? Call Red Foot Haulers at 1-800-492-7713 for a quick quote and all of the answers to your transport questions. We look forward to speaking with you. Thanks!