Saxdor Yachts 200 Sport Boat shipping from Halifax, NS to Muskoka Lakes, ON

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“We shipped a new Saxdor 200 Sport boat from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Port Carling, Ontario. We received and loaded the boat and container at the port from an international supplier.”

Vehicle(s): Three identical Saxdor 200 Boats

Saxdor 200 Boat – 40ft length container received at Halifax, NS port


Halifax, NS


Port Carling, ON

Full Shipping Amount:

$6,000.00 CAD (for each boat)

The Story:

We received a shipping request with a question: Can you ship a boat from the Port of Halifax?

If you are in the market for a new boat, you may want to consider buying a boat from Europe or internationally.

We recently had the opportunity to ship one of these boats from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Muskoka Lakes, Ontario.

The boat came loaded in a container and needed to be received at the port. Our carrier coordinated all of the details with the port and loaded the boat on their specialty trailer.

From there it was smooth sailing to finish the transport overland to its final destination in the Muskoka Lakes, Ontario area.

The process was fairly simple and our carrier picked up the boat at the port. We then loaded it onto our truck and transported it to its final destination.

We were able to transport the empty container to another location, for an additional fee.

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Image courtesy of Saxdoor Yachts



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