How To Ship A Non-Running Car

Is Your Car A Non-Runner?

If your car does not start or run it will take a specialized carrier to transport your vehicle.

Red Foot Haulers specializes in non-running car shipping. Our drivers are experienced and have trucks with the equipment needed to move non-running vehicles onto the car carrier.

Top Reasons To Ship A Non-Running Car or Vehicle:

  1. Your vehicle does not Start or Drive
  2. You are restoring a Classic Car or a Custom Car
  3. Buying a Damaged car from the auction, and need it delivered to your house

Transporting vehicles that do not start requires a special truck. If a vehicle does not run, roll, brake, or steer it is considered a “non-runner.”

Non-running vehicles need to pulled onto the car carrier with a winch. Then they are carefully strapped into place to prevent movement and damage during transport. Our driver’s trucks also come equipped with a loader, which can be a forklift to lift your vehicle onto the carrier.

What if My Car Won’t Start? Can A Non-Running or Wrecked Vehicle Be Shipped?

Yes, We Can Transport It – These types of vehicles can legally be transported across Canada. However, a driver delivering a non-operable vehicle must come equipped with the proper equipment.

Does the vehicle roll (forwards and backwards), brake, and steer?

Yes, We Can Transport It – Even if your vehicle does not neither of these, we will need to know beforehand to prepare for transporting your vehicle.

Who Transports With Red Foot Haulers?

We move vehicles for Private Customers, Dealers, Auto Auctions, Salvage Auctions, Insurance Recovery, Insurance Companies… Running or Non-Running Car and Trucks.

What if my Car Does Not Roll, Brake, or Steer?

If a non-operational vehicle cannot be winched it will take a fork-lift or other special equipment to move your car onto the car carrier.

We must know if this is the case beforehand so our driver can prepare accordingly before arrival.

Why Transport With Red Foot Haulers?

If you’ve asked around for quotes you may have noticed that many companies do not offer non-running vehicle transport.

The extra layer of logistics and equipment required is too much for many companies to handle.

Because we work with so many customers who have this need we’ve specialized in making transport of these vehicles as easy as possible. Our drivers are experienced and have the proper equipment to safely load your car or truck.

Our prices are very competitive, but we are not the “cheapest.” It takes extra time, dedication, and a solid work ethic to offer the level of service and commitment Red Foot Haulers offers to keep our customers satisfied.

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