How To Ship A Non-Running Car

How To Ship a Non running Car In Canada – Complete Guide

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You probably have many questions if you’re thinking about shipping a vehicle within Canada. If you have a car that doesn’t run, start, brake, steer, or roll, you probably have even more questions.

While sending a regular, running vehicle across the country is pretty straightforward (Red Foot Haulers can do that for you too, by the way).

Shipping a non-running car is a bit more complicated.

There are a few more factors to consider if your vehicle doesn’t operate or doesn’t have some of its basic functions available.

First, you’ll need a shipping company with the right expertise in getting a non-running car from point A to point B with the least amount of hassle possible.

Second, your chosen shipping company will also need the proper transportation vehicles and loading equipment to ship a non-running car.

This article from the vehicle transport experts at Red Foot Haulers will dive into everything you need to know about shipping a non-running car or truck.

Is Your Car a Non-runner?

If your car does not start or run, it is called a “non-runner,” and it will take a specialized carrier to transport your vehicle. Special considerations need to be taken into account when you wish to ship a non-running car.

Red Foot Haulers specializes in non-running car shipping. Our drivers are experienced and have trucks with the equipment needed to move non-running vehicles onto the car carrier.

Top Reasons To Ship a Non-running Car

There are many reasons to ship a non-running vehicle. Here are the top ones:

  1. Your vehicle does not start or drive
  2. Your vehicle has been in an accident
  3. You are restoring a classic car or a custom car
  4. You’re buying or selling a non-running car
  5. You’ve bought a damaged car from an auction and need it delivered to your house

Non-running vehicles need to be pulled onto the car carrier with a winch. Then they are carefully strapped into place to prevent movement and damage during transport. If necessary, we may need to hire additional equipment to assist with loading.

Usually, for an undamaged, non-running car that rolls, brakes, and steers no other equipment will be necessary besides the winch.

Four Things To Know Before Shipping Your Non-running Car

You need to be prepared for a few things when you’re ready to ship a non-running car. You will need to know the specifics of your non-running vehicle to make the shipping process as smooth as possible.

You Need To Know What’s Wrong With Your Car

Of course, you know your car isn’t running; however, that’s not enough to get a detailed transportation quote. Knowing exactly what is wrong with your car is essential because the issue of how it doesn’t run affects how the carrier moves your vehicle.

The main reason for needing to know what’s wrong with your car is movability. For instance, if your vehicle doesn’t start but the brakes and steering are still working, the carriers could use a winch and tow truck to get the car to the shipping terminal.

However, if your car doesn’t start and has no way to steer, brake, or roll itself, things become more complicated because it cannot be towed. If the carrier can’t tow the car, they’ll probably have to load it onto a flatbed truck with a forklift.

The more challenging the project, the more your costs will go up. Knowing what does and doesn’t run in your car means you won’t be surprised when you get your estimate.

Choose Your Transport Type

As mentioned above, how and why your car doesn’t run will decide which kind of vehicle transport your carrier will need. You have three options, each of which has different pros and cons:

  • Open: This is the most popular type of transport because it costs the least. But, as with any option, there are risks. Exposing the vehicle to open-air leaves it vulnerable to being struck by road debris, meaning if you are transporting a classic car, the bodywork could be in jeopardy. If your vehicle doesn’t have steering or brakes, an open-air transport may not be an option because the carrier may be unable to load your vehicle onto it.
  • Enclosed: An enclosed transport means your car will be safer from minor impacts and road debris. This option may also be unavailable to vehicles with no steering or brakes. The added security will most likely mean more cost.
  • Flatbed: If your car or truck’s brakes and steering system don’t operate properly, flatbed transport is your best option. The carrier will use a forklift to get your car onto the flatbed and secure it into place while being transported. Again, your vehicle will be exposed to road debris, but it will be on a raised platform a few feet off the road, making it less likely to be struck.

Your budget and vehicle’s operating condition will determine which shipping option to choose. If your car’s braking and steering systems are inoperable, a flatbed may be the only feasible option. However, if they do work, you have some flexibility.

Check the Carriers’ Insurance

Your car should have insurance anyway, but you’ll also want insurance when you ship a non-running car. The vehicle still holds value, so you should protect it with insurance in case anything happens during the shipping process.

Most carriers offer insurance in the range of $100,000 and $1,000,000. Each company will offer different amounts, so be sure to select a carrier that covers the amount of your car’s value. You can buy additional coverage if your carrier doesn’t have enough coverage for expensive vehicles.

Other Cost Factors

A few more factors will affect the shipping cost of transporting your car beyond what is wrong with it.

  • Overall size and type of your vehicle
  • The distance needed to be transported
  • The time of year
  • How fast do you need the car there
  • Where you need it dropped off

Red Food Haulers is one of the top transport brokers in Canada because we consider every factor possible when shipping your vehicle, whether it runs or not. We have a vast network of experienced drivers who provide excellent door-to-door vehicle delivery services.

If you have a non-running vehicle that needs cross-Canada transport with minimal hassle and maximum care, contact Red Foot Haulers today by calling 1-800-492-7713, or click the link below for a free quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Running Car Shipping

What if My Car Won’t Start? Can a Non-running or Wrecked Vehicle Be Shipped?

Yes, we can transport it. Red Foot Haulers can ship non-running vehicles across Canada. However, a driver delivering an inoperable vehicle must come equipped with the proper equipment.

What if My Vehicle Doesn’t Start But Rolls (Forward and Backward), Brakes, and Steers?

Yes, we can transport it. Even if your vehicle does not brake or steer, we can transport it. However, we will need to know the vehicle’s exact condition beforehand to prepare for transportation.

What if My Car Does Not Roll, Brake, or Steer?

If we cannot winch a non-operational vehicle onto the transport, we will need to use a forklift or other special equipment to move your car onto the car carrier. We must know if this is the case with your vehicle beforehand, so our driver can prepare accordingly before arrival.

Who Uses Red Foot Haulers?

Red Foot Haulers moves vehicles for private customers, dealers, auto auctions, salvage auctions, insurance recovery, insurance companies, and more. We transport running or non-running cars and trucks.

Final Thoughts

So why transport your non-running car with Red Foot Haulers?

If you’ve researched and asked for quotes from other transport providers, you may have noticed that many companies do not offer non-running vehicle transport.

The extra logistics and equipment required to transport a non-running vehicle are too much for many companies to handle.

However, since we work with so many customers with this need, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to become specialists in transporting non-running vehicles and making the process as easy as possible. Our drivers are the most experienced and have the proper equipment to safely load your car or truck for transport, even if it doesn’t run.

Red Foot Haulers ensures extra time, dedication, and a solid work ethic are given to our customers. Our high customer satisfaction levels speak for themselves.

Ship your non-running vehicle with Red Foot Haulers today!

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