Shipping Process


This agreement is between Customer, and JRIMS INC. (RED FOOT HAULERS),
Initial Disclosure: Red Foot Haulers (JRIMS INC.) requires you the customer to read and agree to this shipping process before the transport occurs.
WARNING: Failure to read this legally binding contract may cause the customer monetary loss due to improper planning. If you do not read this shipping process, you will not be able to properly plan for our services. It is your responsibility to READ THIS AGREEMENT BEFORE BOOKING.
Full Load Requirement: Customers only booking an order to ship one vehicle with Red Foot Haulers, is only placing 1/10th to 1/20th of the “full load” requirement before departure and pickups occur. Customer will be assigned to a 5, 7, or 10 car transport truck and trailer. This number depends on the size of your assigned truck and trailer, and which one’s available for your vehicle. Long distance car transport is not like ordering a tow, flatbed truck, or shuttle service.

Industry Standards & Practices: Multi-car Haulers, depending on size, can ship anything between 5-10 vehicles at one time. When shipping vehicles on a car transport truck, there are cars from different customers. These customers are all over Canada, needing transport to many different locations.

Load & Reverse Load: Forward and Reverse Loads for the transport truck must be booked both ways. All customers must be ready and waiting on standby for pickup and drop off. . A “ Forward Load”, is when a transport truck delivers freight from point A to point B completely full(no empty space). On the return trip, from point B to point A, having freight is called a back haul, or “Reverse Load”.

Scheduling: All shipping times are only estimates and can change at any time due to many factors beyond Red Foot Haulers and the assigned trucks control. Shipping estimates given over the phone and email are subject to change at any time. Customers are responsible for preparing in the event a delay occurs.

Change of Transport Schedule: Example only: When a customer booked one vehicle to be transported, with a 5 car hauler truck/trailer, the order only 1/10th of the full load. This means 5 customers will book east (AB TO ON), and 5 customers will book west (ON TO AB). Once all customers are ready and waiting for pickup, the truck will start making pickups. This is required because it’s impossible to get 9 other customers to agree to one customer’s date. When the truck is fully booked, the driver and/or Red Foot Haulers will notify the pickup/delivery contact at least 24 hours prior, and the same day of pickup/delivery. We strive to supply estimated pickup dates at booking, however due to the nature of this industry they do change. It’s the customers responsibility to prepare for any change in schedule.

RED FOOT HAULERS does not guarantee pickup and delivery dates or in-transit times. All dates and assertions given over the phone and email, made by RED FOOT HAULERS and assigned Owner Operators, are best estimates made at the time the assertion was made. RED FOOT HAULERS will not honor any auto rental accrual by the Owner/Shipper under any circumstances. Anytime during the pickup, delivery, or transport, delays can happen. These delays are beyond Red Foot Haulers control or influence. Customer agrees not to hold Red Foot Haulers Liable for delays of any kind.

Here are some examples of delays:
Examples only: Bad Weather, rain, snow, or storm can slow down, or stop transport. If you are shipping coast to coast in the winter, you are exposed to these elements. Natural Disasters, Accidents, Construction, road closures, and shut downs. Driving time, legal breaks, off time, and holidays. Industry disputes, labor shortages, Mechanical failure with a truck and/or trailer. Empty space on a transport truck on the forward or reverse route. Delays with other customers cars that are on your assigned load/truck transport.

Items Needed To Transport Your Vehicle:
Once we receive your paperwork and booking deposit we can begin scheduling the transport of your vehicle. Red Foot Haulers needs 6 items to transport your vehicle

  1. Completed Shipping Contract
  2. Booking Deposit
  3. Copy of Driver’s License
  4. Copy of Insurance Policy
  5. Copy of Registration
  6. Copy of Keys

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