Terms and Conditions

Terms of SERVICE- JRIMS INC. (Red Foot Haulers)

Shipping Times/Estimates: ***See Shipping Process Addendum to this contract..
Dimensions of Vehicle and/or Freight and extra charges: All oversized vehicles (boat, trailer, RV, or car) must be declared at the time of booking. The correct dimensions of your vehicle must be stated at booking. Failure to do so by the customer will result in additional charges. The customer must declare any after-market features that are on the vehicle. This includes any modifications to the exterior. Failure to do so may incur additional charges or fees.

Booking Deposits: The customer understands and agrees that deposits for transport are non refundable, even in the event of a delay. In the event Red Foot Haulers approves refunds for any payments made by Shipper, before any reimbursements, the following charges shall be assessed: A $400.00 cancellation fee.

Personal Items in the vehicle during Transport: No personal property may be left in the vehicle (boat, trailer, RV, or car) without authorization from Red Foot Haulers prior to booking. At the approval of Red Foot Haulers and Assigned owner operator, all personal items that are left in the vehicle (boat, trailer, RV, or car) are shipped under the owner’s risk as RED FOOT HAULERS does not assume any liability for the damage of loss of personal items.

Contraband: Customer agrees that the carrier may confiscate and/or dispose of any illegal contraband. JRIMS INC.(Red Foot Haulers), is not liable for any illegal contraband, and will cooperate with all authorities in regards to any illegal activity.

Freight Bill and any additional freight bills: The customer names on this contract is the appointed agent for the purposes of releasing vehicle, approving charges, making payment, accepting delivery, and releasing RED FOOT HAULERS and assigned owner operator/carrier from any and all claims upon acceptance of delivery. All Bills associated with the shipping of the customer’s property, will be due before the property is released to the customer.

Payment Terms: After the initial booking deposit is paid, unless otherwise stated, the customer shall pay the assigned owner operator/carrier directly for service.

Claims and Insurance: Any claim or conflict arising from or relating to this Agreement or the performance, or breach thereof shall be subject to the jurisdiction of where your assigned carrier/owner operator is incorporated. Your assigned carrier accepts all liability for any dispute, including damage / insurance matters. This information can be provided upon request when your order has been assigned a carrier for transport. Customer agrees not to hold JRIMS INC.(RED FOOT HAULERS), liable in any way. Any claim for damages arising out of the use of a truck to deliver customers vehicle must be taken up directly with the assigned transport carrier / owner operator. RED FOOT HAULERS will provide the name, phone number, and all company information of the transport carrier used for transport, and will assist customer in providing any other necessary information, should a claim arise. In the event any insurance claim is denied by your assigned owner operator, you agree to use your own insurance policy in regards to any claim. The assigned owner operators insurance only covers: the vehicle from accidents and/or driver’s negligence to the vehicle when they are loading, unloading, or in transit. Your vehicle is insured under the transport carrier’s insurance under their insurance/s terms and conditions. You the customer agree to carry your own insurance for anything not covered by the owner operators transport insurance. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that all vehicle(s) must be insured either independently by the customer, or through a garage policy before shiping occurs. If you are unable to file or settle a claim with your assigned owner/operator, the customer is to file a claim through their own insurance company.

Authority: Customer agrees to allow JRIMS INC., doing business as RED FOOT HAULERS, assign your shipping order to assigned to an owner operator that carriers active insurance and proper licensing. Said owner operator will route vehicles from origin to destination, such route to be in the sole discretion of the transport carrier. RED FOOT HAULERS does not guarantee and shall not be responsible for the performance of, or any act or omission of the owner operator. The owner operator’s insurance company shall carry full liability when it comes to any damages that derive from transport. The customer is responsible to ensure that the vehicle being shipped is properly prepared to be transported.

Door-to-Door: This service is at the driver’s discretion and is contingent upon the truck being able to safely load/unload at the street addresses provided. If the driver feels it would be unsafe for their personal safety or the truck is physically unable to maneuver into place we will make alternative arrangements to meet at a a truck stop off the main Highway. (Some examples include: cul de sac, dead end, road too narrow, low-hanging power lines / trees, pedestrians, oncoming traffic, truck cannot fit, etc.)

Additional Fees May Apply, In the Event of:

  1. At the drivers discretion they can charge up to $75.00 per hour after waiting 15 minutes for waiting for payment to arrive. (due at pickup and/or delivery)
  2. In the event it takes more than 15 minutes to load the vehicle at pickup address, or unload the vehicle at the delivery address, at the driver’s discretion, may charge up to $75.00 per hour.
  3. In the event the vehicle does not run, or start, and it’s not disclosed on this service order, the customer will be charged an additional $200.00-$500.00. The price will range depending on the difficulty of loading and unloading the vehicle, at the discretion of the drivers and Red Foot Haulers Inc.
    • Running Vehicles – please ensure the vehicle starts prior to the carrier’s arrival (battery is not dead, etc.) as there will be an extra charges if driver needs to boost or install new battery.
    • Non-Running Vehicles- vehicle must able to roll forward(cannot be not on blocks/tires are flat, etc). Any information not detailed in this document can/will result in extra charges.
    • Ensure proper access to the running and/or non-running vehicles.

– Pay booking deposit to RED FOOT HAULERS (deposits@redfoothaulers.ca).
– Any balance remaining will be paid to your assigned carriers on pickup and/or on delivery.
– Assigned carrier’s information will be provided after contract and deposit have been received.

NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED: By you the customer making a payment to initiate this order with Red Foot Haulers (JRIMS INC.), you understand you are entering into this legally binding contract.

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