RV Transport Services During COVID 19 Pandemic in Canada


Are you looking for RV Shipping in Canada? Thanks for visiting Red Foot Haulers. We work with over 100 RV moving companies across Canada.

During the COVID-19 crisis we are providing service to many industries, and it certainly hasn’t been business as usual. We have to check daily on any new restrictions that may affect transport for RV, Boats, and Campers within Canada.

How to Ship an RV Across Canada

We offer Coast to Coast transport for Campers Boats and trailers. Weekly Red Foot Haulers speaks with over 100 Camper Transport Companies.

Even during COVID 19 Pandemic we are still essential services.

Avoid being guaranteed for 14 days, stay home and hire Red Foot Haulers to bring your prized possessions home safe and sound.

What are you thinking about when picking camper hauling companies? CHEAP SERVICES?


Would you rather have safe and affordable RV transport services?

Need to Transport an RV in Canada? We offer RV Shipping in Canada – See More Here >>

RV Transport Services Providers – Our Process

A lot of transport companies ask to do business with Red Foot Haulers and offer cutthroat rates that would really help sales.

So why do we turn them down? Because we know that those companies never stay in business, and most of the time don’t have proper insurance. Finally try to get good customer service from a low ball rate.

After years of experiencing shipping RV coast to coast in Canada, we know what the current market rate for shipping is.

We know what it cost to get it moved, and receive/provide good service.

Are you just looking at the cheap price? Do they have good reviews? How many reviews do they have?

It can take hours, days, even weeks comparing transport quotes for RV transport from Canadian providers. By hiring Red Foot Haulers you are letting us compare quotes from multiple RV transport companies that we use on a weekly basis.

All of our carriers have been vetted and we hold a high standard when it comes to service and hold the drivers to that standard. Our company picks the best quote and ETA suited for you.

**See the real review from our customer:

Shipments Recorded for Public View (source: Red Foot Haulers November 12th 2020)

Shipment Date: 2020 November 12th
Shipment: 2019 Sea Ray
Origin/Pickup:Edmonton Alberta
Destination/Delivery: Hamilton Ontario
Total fees paid by customer: $5.000 CA plus loading/unloading fees.

I needed my boat transported trailer from Edmonton Alberta to Hamilton Ontario. It cost me $5,000.00 CA, Included tax.

Due to the fact I did not have a trailer I had to pay for loading/unloading fees which was about $500 total.

Red Foot Haulers sent a carrier that acted very professional and courteous. My Sea Ray arrived safely. They used a marine lowboy and boat transport trailers designed to fit our specific needs.

I give Ryan and Jonathan 5 stars for shipping my baby safely home during COVID 19.

I wrote down the steps it took me to transport my Sea Ray with Red Foot Haulers.

As I did, most customers may want to know “what is the shipping process?”

I would tell them it was fast and easy, with friendly attentive service. This is what I experienced as the process:

  • I contacted Red Foot Haulers on November 12th, 2020
  • Provide the exact shipping dimensions of your RV Camper and/or Boat and Trailer the same day.
  • Receive Quote from Red Foot Haulers the same day November 12th, 2020
  • They answered all my questions the same day.
  • I completed a shipping contract and placed a deposit for shipping that day.
  • Schedule Pickup and Delivery Dates with Assigned Carrier 10 days after booking.
  • Receive weekly updates until delivery. It took me 15 days to get my boat from the point of booking. I was told two to three weeks so I am very happy with this experience.