Enclosed Auto Transport For High-End Automobiles

Enclosed Auto Transport Is The Preferred Option for Classic, Luxury and Sports Cars


Maintain the beautiful sheen of your classic or high-end vehicle with enclosed auto transport is the safest way to go.

Enclosed transport (also known as covered transport) offers the best protection for your vehicle from debris on the highway as well as from snow, rain, and hail.

Owners of high-value exotic and classic antique vehicles prefer the security and peace of mind when they transport their car in a fully-enclosed covered car carrier.

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Here’s Why An Enclosed Car Carrier is Superior to Open Auto Transport:

  • 100% Protection From Harsh Road and Weather Conditions
  • Higher Insurance Policy For High End Automobiles (just in case!)
  • Professional Drivers Experienced In High-End Shipping

Red Foot Haulers trailers are equipped with hydraulic lift gates to hold the vehicle in horizontal position during loading and unloading.

This offers maximum protection against steep angles for low-clearance vehicles.

Our drivers are experienced in handling luxury and classic automobiles. Enclosed trailers offer complete protection from the elements. When shipping a car in Canada, Enclosed transport is the safest method choose.

How Much Does Enclosed Auto Transport Cost

When it comes to shipping a high end automobile do not choose a company based solely on price.

Enclosed transport is more expensive than open and there are several reasons for this:

  • Enclosed trailers have special features that prevent damage for low-clearance vehicles.
  • The insurance policy for a covered auto transport truck is higher due to their valuable cargo.
  • A driver must have special training to operate an enclosed trailer while loading, strapping securely into place, and handling high-value automobiles.
  • In Canada only about five percent of all the auto transport trucks are Enclosed – which creates a high demand for this type of exclusive auto transport.
  • Enclosed car shipping rates in Canada are driven by supply and demand. This means that customers actually compete against other customers for a spot on the carrier. When the demand is high the space in the enclosed carrier is limited. This means that vehicles priced with realistic market prices ship first.

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Now you should be better educated about driving and/or shipping in the winter. If you are not prepared, winter in Canada can be a hassle!

If you do not want to drive across Canada in the winter, and need your automobile transported, Red Foot Haulers can help!

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