The Cost to Ship A Boat In Canada

The cost to ship a boat in Canada is largely dependent on the size of the boat, distance, and how much it weighs. This article will cover some of the most important information to know when shipping your boat. You will also see how to save on boat shipping.

The Cost to Ship a Boat is Based On These Three Factors:

  • What is the size of your boat (length, width, and height)?
  • Is your boat on a trailer?
  • Distance your boat will be transported?

These factors will reduce the shipping costs:

Boat on a Trailer

Boats that have a trailer will be less expensive to transport. It also gives you the option to have the trailer towed. This option is usually the most economical.

If the boat does not have a trailer it will be loaded on a flat-deck trailer. Generally, this is more expensive than towing your boat and trailer.

Size of the Boat

Generally, the larger your boat is it will be more expensive to transport. This is due to the fact that that larger boats require specialized equipment that is in lower supply.

Boats that go beyond certain dimensions may need to be rerouted to avoid low-lying bridges. Oversized boats will also need pilot cars and additional permits.

Distance your Boat will be Transported

The further you are transporting your boat, the higher the cost of transportation. This is because of additional costs for fuel, labour, and other resources needed to transport your boat.

Weight of the Boat

If your boat is lightweight it will be less expensive to transport.

Loading and Unloading costs

There may be additional costs to load and unload your boat. Marinas can often help with loading and unloading. If not, local service will need to be hired.

Make sure the boat is close to a location where the truck can easily reach it. This will save time and reduce the cost of shipping.

Choose a site that’s simple for the large shipping truck to get to.


If your transport requires ferries, there will be additional costs.

Save Money on Boat Shipping

There are ways that you can save money when shipping your boat in Canada.

The easiest way to reduce costs is to have more flexibility with the timeframe for shipping. Trucks are often booked weeks or months in advance. (This is especially true during the busy season.)

Call 1-800-492-7713 to book your boat transport ahead of time and save on shipping costs.

Here are some suggestions to save on boat shipping:

  • Load your boat on a road-worthy trailer before transport (good tires and bearings)
  • Know the exact dimensions (length, width, height) to get an accurate quote
  • Store your boat somewhere easily accessible
  • Arrange help for loading and unloading (marinas often provide this)
  • Flexible timeframe for shipping

Upfront Shipping Quote and No Hidden Fees

When getting a shipping quote always make sure to ask if there are any hidden fees. Some companies will add on administrative or fuel surcharges at the end of your shipment. Be sure to get an upfront quote with no hidden fees.

We will give you an accurate shipping quote before booking transport. We never charge hidden fees and there are no surprises at the end of your shipment.

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