1998 Easy 159 Aluminum Fishing Boat and Trailer Shipping from Ennismore, ON to Dartmouth, NS

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Just a short note to say this company was excellent.

When I first called they were helpful and honest.

Initially I thought it was too expensive so I began looking for another option to ship my small fishing boat.

They called me back to say they did find a shipper more in my price range so I signed up.

The person shipping the boat called me to set times and I agreed to be flexible if the weather wasn’t good as I was shipping in December. Long story short—great job
Thanks again team. Highly recommend.” – Greg R.


1998 Easy 159 Aluminum Fishing Boat and Trailer


Ennismore, ON


Dartmouth, NS

Full Shipping Amount:

$1,100.00 CAD

The Story:

Greg wanted his 1998 Easy 159 Aluminum Fishing Boat with a Trailer shipped from Ennismore, Ontario to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

We requested some details, and he gladly sent us the boat’s dimensions, which are about 2.5 feet in height, 6 feet in width at the largest point, 15.5 feet in length without the motor.

It also weighed about 200-250lbs without the motor and approximately 300-350lbs with the motor.

From there, we sent him a boat shipping quote and addressed his concerns, especially about the cost.

During the process, we ensured that Greg received updates about the delivery time. He was very flexible with the schedule and worked well with our team.

Ultimately, his fishing boat arrived safely at its final destination in Dartmouth.

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