Avoid Dangerous Winter Driving – Enclosed Shipping

ADVISORY: Don’t drive across Canada this winter season – Use Red Foot Haulers Enclosed Car Shipping Service Instead!

Winter Driving Is Dangerous, Expensive, and Rough On Your Vehicle. Transport Your Vehicle In An Enclosed Trailer – It’s Safer and Hassle-Free.

Do you need to get your car across Canada, but don’t want to drive in the icy winter weather?

A long-haul winter journey on Canada’s highways can really be tough…

During winter temperatures drop to below freezing and roads become icy, slippery, and dangerous.

Snow and salt then melt together and form a strange messy, corrosive slush that (in time) will eat away at your vehicle’s frame and exterior.

To best protect your vehicle from corrosion, cosmetic damage to paint, and chipped or broken windshields… Ship in an Enclosed Car Carrier.

As soon as freezing temperatures arrive, SAFETY becomes the top priority of our thoughtful car haulers.

Snow and ice are notorious for many highway closures throughout Canada due to impassable or unsafe road conditions.

Winter Shipping Hazards Include:

  • Roads covered in corrosive salt slush
  • Danger of hail, snow, sleet dinging the vehicle or damaging paint
  • Debris such as small rocks/dirt damaging windshield

With this in mind, it’s easy to see how shipping in an Enclosed Carrier can actually save you time and money in the end.

Whether you end up shipping open or enclosed, Red Foot Haulers takes extra precautions to safely deliver your vehicle during winter.

Here are a few extra precautions our drivers take during winter:

  • Winter tires
  • Extra bearings for trailers
  • New brakes and windshield wipers
  • Special winter driver training to be prepared mentally

Your driver must adjust to the road and weather conditions. This means slowing down to leave more space between vehicles on the road. They must also allow more time to get to their destination between pickups and deliveries. Finally, long winter days mean more night driving which can be extra tricky with ice present on the road.

Despite all this, our drivers are experienced. They know when not to risk driving in the winter because no trip is worth a life or damage to a vehicle. Ultimately, driving a heavy truck in the winter can be a dangerous proposition. This is why many drivers in Canada simply take a break during the cold months.

Entire companies may grind to a halt… but not Red Foot Haulers! We transport vehicles across Canada, even during the winter.

We work with great owner-operators who choose to keep working through the winter to ship your vehicle!

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